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A short documentary displaying the work of Tribal Soul, a London based event brand promoting the sounds of house and techno music with african influence. This episode follows part of their recent  journey, as they bring their sound to one of London's most iconic underground venues, EGG LDN.

A London based event brand promoting the sounds of house and techno music of African influence. Their portfolio includes venues such as Bow Bridge, BOXPARK and more recently EGG LDN. They've also had names like Djeff and the South African Shimza on their headliners. 

The cultural scene in London is going through a change. Tribal Soul is part of it. In 2019 the mission of Tribal Soul is to expand the sound they promote and get it to new heights. Our mission as a art directors was to portray this journey in a simple, sincere, yet impactful way. Displaying the personalities behind the project in a dynamic way and really capturing the essence of Tribal Soul as a cultural brand.

The final piece of this first series of episodes was sincere and honest short film, which captured the essence of the project and the specific event advertisedin a tight, compressed, yet efficient way.

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