Oddbox, United Kingdom

An environment-friendly company especialized in delivering and recycling out-of-shape fruits and veggies with a warm touch.

Brief & challenge

We were invited to partner with Canco Agency to work on the  creative direction of this proposal. The brief required us to re-develop the brand identity of the successful London based start-up, Oddbox.

In 14 days, we had the challenge to refine the strategy and find a visual solution which communicates everything the brand is about: accessible, affordable, friendly, familiar, welcoming and environmental.


In collaboration with Canco's head strategist, Taylor Gathercole, we started by refining the brand color palette and overall visual feeling.


As brand which targets professionals and families in urban areas, we have developed an identity which communicates modernity and fun while keeping a strong environment reference.

The logo is playful, happy and welcoming, which adds a pleasant touch to the entire brand experience and builds trust among customers.

The system is flexible and can be used to target different micro-groups within the audience, namely children, elderly, households and solo adults.

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Brand identity

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Direction & Strategy

CANCO Agency

Taylor Gathercole


Creative direction

Mario Alcantara Monteiro



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