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Started as a design crew, we have been progressively evolving into a social and multi-cultural studio working with partners  in the United Kingdom, Lusophone nations and other markets.

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ODDBOX - United Kingdom

An urban family-friendly company specialized in delivering and recycling out-of-shape fruits and veggies with a warm touch.

Brief & challenge

We got invited to partner with Canco Agency to work on the  creative direction of this proposal. The brief required us to re-develop the brand identity of the successful London based start-up, Oddbox.

In 14 days, we had the challenge to refine the strategy and find a visual solution which communicates everything the brand is about: affordable, friendly, familiar, welcoming and environmental.


In collaboration with Canco's head strategist, Taylor Gathercole, we started by refining the brand color palette and overall visual feeling.


As brand that wants to appeal to a younger urban crowd, we have selected colors which appeal to both males a females youngsters, as well as a playful typography which can work as an entry point for the entire family structure. 

The logo is playful, happy and welcoming, which adds a pleasant touch to the entire brand experience and builds trust among customers.

Brand Messaging

Brand identity

Content collaterals


Direction & Strategy

CANCO Agency

Taylor Gathercole


Creative direction

Mario Alcantara Monteiro



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