Moving people, one brand at a time.

Our purpose

We are interventional,  socially aware, culturally borderless and fully collaborative. Our consultancy comes from a deep desire to intuitively connect, improve people, communities and society through strategic design thinking and value creation. We work with teams, individuals and stakeholders who want to be better and take a beyond-profit approach.​

But who exactly?

Innovators and trend setters, social tech start-ups, sustainable companies, plant-based brands, culture makers, local authorities and governments, NGOs and public/private institutions. We care about the mission of our partners and their will to help solve deep problems of society in a positive, active and efficient way, regardless of what they offer.

Social through community.
Purposeful through innovation.

Our social impact solutions

We believe in the power of strategic design, branding and participatory action as tools for organized value creation and meaningful social change. As such, they can help direct communication and boost inclusivity, improve productivity, drive economic growth, increase social trust and engagement while preserving the integrity and structural order standards. They can also be fundamental tools for any project, state, or corporation aiming to create positive change and boost relationship strength between communities, public institutions, and private organizations.

How we can help you address problems.


Brand DNA and storytelling
Brand culture & community
Brand architecture
Research & Development
Naming and trademarking
Offer, community and market alignment
Global impact workshops and direction
Problem clarification & Social research
Cross-culture and new market integration
Circular systems analysis & design
Business & Sustainable innovation planning
Product research & development
Impact partnership liaison



Visual and verbal identity
Brand style guides
Communications planning 
Campaign strategy & planning
UI/UX development 
Brand activation
Print and digital design
Packaging design


Our 5-step design process

1. Decode

2. Plan & Focus

3. Visualise & Prototype

4. Test & Activate

5. Manage & Grow

Making brands and places socially driven and culturally relevant.


We work with established and start-up brands, private and public institutions ready to make a conscious and radical change in the world. It is more than visual and certainly goes beyond a logo. In a world of cultural and social diversity, low attention spams, and hyper content, how do you manage to stand out from this 'data infestation' and make a difference?

To facilitate growth and drive purposeful change.
Brands, systems and people.

business &

Design-Thinking &
Creative Intelligence


Place branding
Way-finding systems
Policy planning and design
Service and user mapping
Public space analysis
Spatial design
Brand implementation
Systems advocacy advisory
Community development planning


Social impact
& Innovation


Brand diagnosis
Content management
Community engagement analysis
Active campaign management
Growth planning
Impact auditing



Artboard 1.png

All about discovery and research about the project or brand. This stage allows us to understand what we are dealing with, it's story and what has been done up to the current time.

2. Plan & Focus

Artboard 2.png

Now that we have enough information about the project, we define a positioning and direction through strategic design. This will allow us to build clarity in our approach and cut all the loose ends, pragmatically.

3. Visualise & Prototype

Artboard 3.png

4. Test & Activate

Artboard 4 copy.png

The strategy and direction have been defined. With the strategic plan in place, we are going to start building it  visually and translating all that strategic goals into tangible assets. The end result will be a reflection of the strategy and will keep it concise and solid

Now that we have the subject built and well defined, it will be time to expose and activate it to the right audience, on the right platforms (following the strategy, once again). This will create social awareness digitally and physically.

5. Manage & Grow

Artboard 5.png

The subject is starting to raise awareness and to be recognised and its audience is now becoming involved with it through its products and services.