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We facilitate and connect. Our experience in helping businesses and institutions identifying their problems and solutions allows us to deliver a full range of creative services for your brand. Our aim is to expand the traditional understanding of ‘creative agency’ by providing a platform of exchange between specialised creatives willing to take part on exciting projects, as well as brands and institutions looking to work with a vetted team provided from a single source. 

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Core Values

Brand Voice

Social positioning

Brand Architecture

Market Analysis


Data collection & research


Visual and verbal Identity

Brand style guides

Logo Design

Color palettes & Typography

User Interface design

User Experience design


Packaging design

Campaign strategies

Digital Marketing

Web development

Campaign creative

Art direction

Sound branding and design

Physical brand design

Experiential design


Social Architecture design


Account monitoring

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Brand activation

Content management

But who exactly?

But who exactly?

Our purpose


We are social, culturally borderless and collaborative. Our studio comes from a deep desire to intuitively connect, improve people, communities and society through design. We work with individuals who want to be and do better. 


We help grow social and innovative brands in different sectors. These are brands which want to achieve higher levels of community engagement and become active agents of change. These are also innovative brands which are socially responsible and aim to improve society and culture through great products and services. 

Social through innovation, community and culture.

Our 5-step design process

2. Define & Focus

3. Build & Visualise

4. Activate

5. Grow


All about discovery and research about the subject.

This stage allows us to understand what we are dealing with, it's story and what has been done up to the current time.

4. Activate

Now that we have the subject built and well defined, it will be time to expose and activate it to the right audience, on the right platforms (following the strategy, once again). This will create awareness digitally and physically.

1. Decode

2. Define & Focus

Now that we have enough material about the subject, we define a focus and direction. This will help us to be objective in our approach and cut all the loose ends, pragmatically.

5. Grow

3. Build & Visualise

The strategy and focus have been defined. With the plan in place, we are going to start building the brand visually. The end result will be a by-product of the strategy and will keep the subject concise and strong.

The subject is starting the raise awareness and to be recognised by it's target audience. They are now becoming involved with the subject and using it's products and services because they trust it. 

Brands with a social impact.

We work with established and start-up brands and institutions ready to make a conscious and radical change. It is more than visual, and certainly goes beyond a logo. In a world of cultural and social diversity, low attention spams and hyper content, how do you manage to stand out from this 'data infestation'?

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